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Whether you’re looking for your first e cigarette, or simply want to upgrade your current model, we have a range of complete e cig kits from top and trusted brands. Our kits range from simple e cigarette starter kits to more advanced kits such as sub ohm e cigarette kits.

E cigarette Starter Kits

E cigarette starter kits are ideal for those new to vaping. Many vapers use e cigarettes to help them wean off real tobacco cigarettes. Most e liquids contain nicotine to help satisfy cravings. Whilst the act of vaping helps replace the more tactile based habits formed from smoking tobacco cigarettes. While e cigarettes are an excellent way to help smokers quit, venturing into the world of vaping can be quite intimidating for newbies. While the vaping community is very friendly and most vapers will be happy to offer help and advice to newcomers, the main issue with new vapers, is that they don’t know what they should be looking for.The vaping world is full of jargon and slang words used to refer to the new experiences and products that come with vaping. This is where starter kits come in. Starter kits are designed for new vapers, containing all the required components needed for them to begin vaping. For a fuss free start. The only difficult decision they will have to make will be choosing an e liquid flavour.

Starter Kits

Aspire Zelos E Cigarette kit
Aspire Zelos electronic cigarette kit black
Aspire Zelos electronic cigarette kit red
Aspire Zelos electronic cigarette kit silver
innokin e cigarette starter kit
innokin e cigarette starter kit
innoking e cigarette starter kit

Sub Ohm Starter Kits

If you’re an experienced vaper, looking to intensify the flavour of your vapes, get a stronger throat hit and make some huge fluffy clouds, then sub ohm vaping is certainly the way to get what you want. Sub Ohm vaping should only be carried out by vapers with a good understanding of ohms law. Sub ohm e cigarettes use a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm. The less resistance from the coil, the more electricity is allowed to pass through it, and the more electricity passing through the coil the hotter it will get. The reason it’s important for vapers to understand ohms law, is because a certain level of risk is produced when sub ohm vaping. If you don’t abuse your device, and use it safely and carefully, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Battery explosions usually occur when vapers try and modify their own devices, which can put too much strain on the battery and in turn be hazardous. We recommend always buying from a trusted retailer, using a device designed for sub ohm vaping, and always following the advice given with your device.

Reuleaux RX mini e cigarette kit
Releaux sub ohm e cigarette kit red
Releaux sub ohm e cigarette kit black
Releaux sub ohm e cigarette kit white